Bloody Sunday

I looove Bloody Mary’s. I’m always loose with my ingredients…. I experiment with sauces, it seems as long as they are salty, sour or spicy they go down a treat. You could try an asian influence, soy sauce has been a good addition at times, try it with wasabi and grated ginger. Don’t hold back on the amount of Vodka! 1 part vodka to 2 parts tomato juice is a good ratio.


Emma’s Bloody Mary


tomato juice

a dash of each of the following:

balsamic vinegar

worchestershire sauce

hot sauce

a squeeze of lime juice,

a pinch of cayenne pepper

1/3 tsp ground cumin

cracked pepper

a stick of cucumber, a slice of lime, an olive and a sprig of cilantro to garnish

Put everything, bar the garnishes and the cracked pepper, over LOTS of ice. Top with the cucumber, lime, olive, cilantro and freshly cracked pepper.